Our Projects House DYLANPROS HOUSE


Location: TangerangSize: 250 m2 / 561 m2Type: House

The client of the house was one of the top gamer in Indonesia, where game was his daily routine, therefore the “futuristic” theme was where we decided to explore for the design of the house. The usage of lines and shapes was meant to create a dynamic building. On another note the usage of solids and transparent field were meant to block the high exposure of west side sunlight. The gate of the house was designed in contrast with the building above it, we used natural stones with darker shades to create a floating illusion of the building. The lightings of the project were installed with RGB lighting placed in several area to create a line of lighting merged into one with the design, which was very interesting and unique.

The placement of lines and dynamic field were not only instilled in the exterior but also the interior with lightings design according to the client’s mood. The RGB lighting was applied with slanted lines in the interior.  

Architect Principal
Jeffri Angkasa, S.T., IAIIndri Sisilia, S.T., IAI
Architect in Charge
Afif Eidwar, SD.s.