Our Projects Commercial Jenny ART Center

Jenny ART Center

Location: Serpong, TanggerangSize: 180 m2 / 540 m2Type: Commercial

Ethnicity in New Look , a concept that we wanted to embrace for the design of this art center located in Tangerang. The current existing building of the art center was a two shophouses on the main road which made it a challenge to embrace the design on the outlook of the place. The flat image of shophouses were camouflaged with interesting placement of curvy composition that would be arranged in a curve and overlap. We chose to use brick material to arrange along the curvy shape of the façade and embraced the ethnicity with the craftsmanship batik patterns using the bricks, this added the uniqueness of the outlook for the building.

Aside from that, for the indoor area, the 2 shophouses were merged into one with void and trees as the ideation that brought up the nature feel into the space and also served as a oase room combined with the architectural and ethnic patterns.

Architect Principal
Jeffri Angkasa, S.T., IAIIndri Sisilia, S.T., IAI
Architect in Charge
Muhammad Zukhrufi Lutfi, S.T, M. Ars