Our Projects Commercial MP Mall

MP Mall

Location: PekanbaruSize: 1,700 m2 / 650 m2Type: Commercial

As one of the oldest mall in Pekanbaru, made us in Angkasa Architects very excited to design and create a new face with a modern contemporary concept to this old building. The design concept for the façade of Mal Pekanbaru was a longing and romancing towards the natural environment in the heart of Pekanbaru city. Pekanbaru with its low topography became the fundamental idea to the design of façade and hanging space in Mal Pekanbaru. The silhouette of high mountain was incorporated into the lines in the front of the building. Without overlooking the melayu influence, the façade design was collaborated with the mountain silhouette making it a unify design. The melayu pattern was applied in the mall entrance, then as one of the contemporary element, the hook area that was aligned with the pedestrian crossroad was given a floating container that was functioned as a culinary area and canopy for pedestrians and bus stop. The finishing design used chequered iron plate and wire mesh giving it an industrial look. We changed the corner area of the mall with Led screen covering the cylinder on the façade that would be functioned as signage and promotional panel for the mall.

Besides reconstructing a new face for the mall, a few interiors were also changed to fit the concept of the exterior making it a unify design.

Architect Principal
Jeffri Angkasa, S.T., IAIIndri Sisilia, S.T., IAI
Architect in Charge
Muhammad Zukhrufi Lutfi, S.T, M. Ars