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Najla House

Location: Jakarta SelatanSize: 1,080 m2 / 1,200 m2Type: House

Located at South Jakarta with a crowded environment but also surrounded by tall trees, N house was designed for the owner of Bittersweet by Najla. The position of the house was located at the end of the main road, we exposed the design with a tropical modern twist with the usage of glass material combined with wood and marble. We divided the building into two wings, with a connected mass bridge that was lifted to form a pilotis.

The entrance area to the front door consisted of a ramp with a reflecting pond with natural rocks and waterfall, to create an illusion of a splitting river. Turning to the right side of the ramp entrance there was the main door that led to the first wing area which also served as a foyer for living, dining, and pantry. While on the opposite side of the main entrance consisted of another wing area that served as an outdoor living room and prayer room with the koi pond view.

The swimming pool area was located in the middle of the house, so that we could get a 360 view from the whole house. There also was a patio by the side of the pool, for the owner to chill while enjoying the pool and garden view.

Different from the modern tropical exterior, the interior of the house was designed with modern classic concept. With the repetition of curvy panels and profile that was dominant in a symmetrical grip. The different concept created an opposite attract between the exterior and interior of this house.

Architect Principal
Jeffri Angkasa, S.T., IAI.Indri Sisilia, S.T., IAI.
Architect in Charge
Wahyu Prima Putra, S.T.