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The Parkville

Location: RumbaiSize: 60,000 m2 Type: Housing

The initial idea in the design of The Parkville was to revolutionize small housing environment to be more interesting, comfortable, and earnest. With an affordable price, we wanted to create a worthy but bold design. We designed the houses with diverse roofs, so that every buyer would have their own signature home design. The Parkville had a one-way circulation concept and one-gate system that facilitated every tenant to travel around. The Parkville also provided numerous facilities that other smaller housing areas normally did not have such as, sports field, jogging track, children playground. At night, every house had a bold light line that shined through to make The Parkville even more attractive.

Architect Principal
Jeffri Angkasa, S.T., IAI.Indri Sisilia, S.T., IAI.
Architect in Charge
Arvin Farez, S.Ars